Year long classes starting in September and ending with the Annual Recital (May):

Creative Movement (3-4 year olds) 45 min. class introducing dance.

TBA: (Grades K-3) 1 hour long class covering the basics in Tap, Ballet and Acrobatics.

Pre-Jazz (Grades K-3) 45 min. class introducing Jazz technique.

Pre-Modern (Grades K-3) 45 min. class introducing Modern technique.

Acro Dance (Grades 4-12) 45 min. class going over Acrobatic technique.

Tap/Jazz Combo Classes (Grades 4-8) 1 hour of Jazz, 1/2 hour of Tap.

Ballet (Grades 4-12) 1 hour long class breaking down the technique in Ballet.

Pointe (Grades 8-12) 1/2 hour class building onto Ballet.

Pre-Pointe (Grades 6-7) 1/2 hour class introducing pointe technique. **Students must pass a foot exam before entering this class*

Advanced Tap (Grades 8-12) 1 hour long class breaking down technique in Tap.

Advanced Jazz (Grades 8-12) 80 minute class breaking down technique in Jazz.

Hip Hop (Grades K-12) 1 hour long class introducing Hip Hop to younger classes, and adding on technique to our advanced classes.

Modern (Grades 4-12) 1 hours long class introducing Modern technique to our dancers.

Contemporary (Grades 6-12) 1 hour long class introducing Contemporary technique to dancers.

Adult Tap: 1 hour long class going over technique for any skill level of dancer, it is also a great workout too!

Adult Hip Hop:  1 hours long class going over Hip Hop moves – perfect for any skill level of dancer.

Adult Jazz/Theatre: 1 hour long class over over Jazz routine. Lots of fun and a great workout.

Deadline to Enroll in Seasonal Classes is Sept. 30th.


Workshops Offered throughout the year:

Twinkle Twos: for 18 mos. to 3 years. 8 week workshop introducing movement. 45 minute class on Saturdays.

Ballroom Dancing: Offered in many different styles, a 6 week workshop for 1 hour long.

Princess Camp: A week long workshop over the summer (usually in August) for 3-6 yr olds. Each day is themed after a different princess. Class includes Craft, Game, Snack & Dance.

Classes available on demand:

“First Dance” Class: For engaged couples, goes over basic steps in ballroom as well as offering ideas for the couples’ first dance on their wedding day. – Purchase for yourself, or give as a gift!

Private Lessons: Private lessons available in all disciplines. Contact Studio for Rates.


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