Growing the dancer, Growing the Person.

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Our Mission is to grow the dancer, grow the person. Whether you are just starting out, or are a seasoned dancer, we have a specialized program just for you!

Discover your potential with our TWO nurturing mentorship options. Keep reading to step into your artistic future!

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Have you been given the opportunity to fully and freely express your creativity? To go out of your comfort zone with a safety net of empowering mentors? At Neighborhood School of Dance, we grow dancers with professional training while growing the person with an outlet, a safe zone, a creative space, cultivating relationships, and a deep sense of belonging.

You are always welcome here.  

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-  Dive deep into your artistic and personal journey with a certified One-on-One Dance Mentor ready to help you identify and reach your goals! (We are here for you!)

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How we help you grow

Train at your own speed with new courses released every single week! Increase your versatility and knowledge in dance with our diverse class selection including: Tap, Ballet & Cardio Dance. But we haven't forgot about your personal well-being! Be equipped to take on new challenges by learning about topics like Change Management and Dealing with Stress. Our certified Instructors (with decades of dance experience) are attentive and dedicated to your growth.

Want to boost your improvement and success? Say Hello to our Leaf PLUS program and sky-rocket your growth with UNLIMITED weekly private lessons with our talented instructors.

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