Competition Team Info

Neighborhood School of Dance Competition Team info

2018-2019 Dance Season




February 22nd-24th weekend (Niagara Falls NY),

March 22nd-24th (Buffalo, NY),

April 5th-7th (Niagara Falls, NY).


Dancers must enroll in 1 regular season class along with competition team.

We have the following teams this year:

Mini Team (Grades 1-3rd) Jazz

Practices: will be held at 10:00am-11:30am on the following dates: T/W/TH August 14th 15 16th | T/W/TH/F August 21st - 24th | M/T/W/TH/F August  27th-31st

During the season the Mini Team will have practice on Tuesdays from 7:30-8:00pm.

Junior Team (Grades 4-7th) Lyrical

Practices: will be held at 11:30am-1:00pm on the following dates: T/W/TH August 14th 15 16th | T/W/TH/F August 21st - 24th | M/T/W/TH/F August  27th-31st

Senior Team (Grades 8th-12th)

Practices TBD.



We are hoping to keep the costs for costume down. Once we have an idea of who all is committing we can try to see if we can find clearance or 2nd hand costumes for everyone, or we can do a more "put together" look. But to give you a ballpark figure we are hoping to keep the costs of the costume under $50.


If the costs are an issue please let me know. We will be holding our annual beer & wine fest in February 2019 and your help/participation in that can help offset your costs. Funds raised from the event benefit scholarships for dancers, which include competition dancers


For the MINI and JUNIOR teams, registration fees for the competition, and their competition t-shirt (which they will need to wear at competition)  the total cost is $310. This can be paid in installments over the summer, but the balance must be paid by October 1st.  Each Team will rehearse during the season, tuition for that practice is $20/month for 6 months ($120 total).

ACCOUNTS must be current for a dancer to compete. This is how we make a living – you wouldn’t want to go to work and not get paid!


Our competition team will need to purchase matching warm ups and practice gear. All competition team dancers need the black/green NSD track jacket. we will be offering this again this fall.



We plan on attending three or four different competitions this year. All of the competitions will be held in either Buffalo or Niagara Falls. Once we know for sure the schedule we will send this info out.

We have 15 open spots for each competition team, however we may not fill all 15 spots. We will be selecting those who have graded well on our Tryout score sheets as well as other factors. We want to select dancers who are ready for the competition team level. If you are not selected we encourage you to give your best during dance this year and to try out again. We are not going to competitions to win – we want to have fun and offer you an experience that matches your dance level. We would never want anyone to feel uncomfortable.

These dates listed above are the competition dates for the whole weekend. We would only be competing on one day which will most likely be just saturday or just sunday, but we won't know for sure until a few weeks before the competition dates.
How competition ususally goes is if we are performing at 12:00pm we need to arrive to the conference center or theatre at 10:00am (2 hours early - some competitions run an hour ahead of schedule). and then once we perform we wait for awards. After awards you are free to leave.


Attendance at practice is mandatory. This is like any sports team. We have 3-4 months to learn a full dance and perfect it. Once we start going to competitions we will need these practices to work on technique and to sharpen anything that the judges have pointed out. Missing competition team practice for a sports team practice is not allowed. You are allowed up to 3 unexcused absences during the year. If you have 2 unexcused absences you will be put on probation for the remainder of the year. Missing class due to illness is only excused with a doctor’s note. Please keep all this in mind if your dancer needs to miss a class.

Being a part of the competition team is an exciting opportunity. Being a representative of NSD like this also means that the dancer must maintain a positive and respectful attitude outside of dance. Any negative behavior will result in removal from the competition team. Each dancers’ placement on the competition team is considered “at will”. We reserve the right to remove a dancer from the team at any time.




Dancers -- now you can compete at competition for a solo / duet / trio
- Choose one or more competition NSD is already going to, to compete your dance in.
- For ages 5 & up.
- You pick:
   - solo /duet / trio
   - style of dance
 - we both choose:
    - song
    - costume ( a seperate fee)
 $250 covers competition fees for 1 competition and teacher time.
($250 for solo, $125 per person for duet, $83 per person for trio)
Same price if dancer decides to choreograph a dance on their own. (would still need to meet with teacher prior to competition and have choreography approved)

Contact NSD

The Neighborhood School of Dance
609 S. Union St.
Olean, NY 14760

The Neighborhood School of Dance
34 N. Main St.
Port Allegany, PA 16743

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