Scholarship Info for the Dance Season


Neighborhood School of Dance is proud to announce we will be offering dance scholarships for our dance season. Our annual Neighborhood Beer & Wine Fest is the primary fundraiser for our scholarship program.

Info about our Scholarship program:

- We currently have 5 scholarship openings.

- Scholarship dancers will receive full tuition coverage for one dance class. Not included in the scholarship: $80 membership fee and class attire. Class attire depends on the class; for example our Tap/Ballet/Acro combo class dress code is: black leotard, white tights, black tap shoes, pink ballet shoes. We do have a used dancewear program and offer dress code items for sale at reasonable prices compared to Wal-Mart.

- Scholarship dancers and families must be involved in the annual Neighborhood Beer & Wine Fest. Can be involved in the following ways: Volunteer to help set up, tear-down or pour tastings at the event, make a basket for the basket raffle, attend the event and invite many friends to come.

- Scholarship dancers must make the commitment to be at every class. We want to make sure you are making the most of your dance experience! Scholarship dancers can only miss 7 classes for the entire dance season (Sept. - May/June)

- Scholarships are offered on need basis. We require some sort of proof of financial hardship.

To apply for a Dance Season Scholarship please send us e-mail titled "Scholarship Application" no later than September 1st of the current dance season with the following info:

Parent Name:

Parent Mailing address:

Parent e-mail address:

Parent phone number:

Student name & age:

3 sentences on why you think your student would benefit from a dance scholarship:

Proof of financial hardship