Whether you're ready to shine on the dance floor in our New York or Pennsylvania studio, or receive personalized training in our online LEAF dance program - unleash your creativity with NSD's supportive and empowering teaching methods and professional staff. 

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All encompassing "Growing the Dancer, Growing the Person" mentorship method to increase your dance skills while caring for your mental well-being.

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“My daughter started at NSD when she was a frightened, insecure 6 years old little girl-I have been BLESSED to watch her blossom into a confident, strong beautiful 13 year old young lady-I have also watched the instructors excite MANY children with the MAGIC of dance. I have watched children with disabilities ENHANCE their ABILITIES at NSD-EVERY Child is special at NSD. I would recommend ALL children-boys and girls DANCE at NSD and become the GIFTED CHILDREN GOD made them to be!!!”

-Mary P., Dancer and Mother

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Classes for ages 18 months - Adult

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